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Motor vehicle insurance

In cooperation with Generali Group we offer the top quality and high level of services in motor vehicle insurance.

About us

Neskovic Agency is based in Novi Beograd. Our agency was founded more than twenty years ago and we offer the top quality and high level of services in motor vehicles insurance.

Our employees possess professional knowledge and expirience. We develop strong business network with other agencies in our country and so provide an easy access to our clients.

In our company we are confident that we are able to offer the right services in car insurance at the right price. Our goal is to give the level of services that we hope you will enjoy and most importantly benefit from.

Our services

When it comes to motor insurance Generali group, that we recommend, is one of the biggest guarantees of safety in roads in Serbia.

Our agency successfully provides the services of:

  • Compulsory insurance (MTLP insurance)
  • Casco insurance
  • Travel health insurance
  • A green card for your motor vehicle
  • Fast and correct information
  • Fast and quality assistance when you have to register and insure your vehicle (cooperation with domestic institutions and police)

Compulsory insurance

It is obligatory motor vehicle insurance. It covers civil legal liability for damage caused to third persons by driving the motor vehicle. This means that it is not you who will pay for the damage but your incurance company.

This type of insurance does not cover damages on your vehicle.

Casco insurance

It is voluntary insurance from damages made on your vehicle. Buying Casco policy, you provide yourself with the compensation in case of the damage made on your vehicle, which you have insured. In that case, your insurance company is obligated to compensate for your damage.

Information about Casco insurance you may obtain from our employees on number 011/2145-876 or on this site.

There are:

  • Full Casco insurance
  • Partial Casco insurance
  • Additional Casco insurance

Green cards

Before leaving Serbia with your motor vehicle, it is necessary to take out a green card for your motor vehicle, which actually represents MPTL (Motor Third Party Liability Insurance) policy in countries that are members of the green card system (all European countires). Before you take out a green card, be sure to check if it is valid for country or countries that you intend to visit. This green card is actually the preconditions for entering into the intended country with a motor vehicle that has our license plates. Otherwise you will have to pay border insurance which is more expensive. The most important fact is that, our citizen causes damage with his motor vehicle in that visited country, such damage will be paid by a domestic insurance company. This is a basic reason why green card should be taken out with a reliable and internationally recognized insurer as Generali Insurance.

Travel insurance

In co-operation with Europe Assistance, Generali takes care of your safety during your stay abroad.

Travel health policy provides guarantees that all medical costs will be covered in case you suddenly get sick or have an accident during your stay abroad.

All persons up to 85 years old who are citizens of Serbia and foreigners who temporarily live in Serbia are eligible for this type of insurance.

This policy can be taken out on individual, family or group bases and it should be taken out before traveling abroad.

Information about Travel health insurance you may obtain from our employees on numbers 063/491-865 or 011/2145-876.

Contact us

To contact us, please note: 24 hours per year, 365 days per year
Telephone: +381112145876
Mobile phone: +38163491865, +381637708503
Email: agneskovic@eunet.rs
Our office address : 12d Zoran Djindjic Boulevard, New Belgrade